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This is the page for the Monkeyrack Writers' Group, based in Lancaster

Who are Monkeyrack Writers?

We're a gang. We look out for each other and we keep each other's writing right. We meet, nominally weekly, in Lancaster to bring our latest efforts for perusal and critique. This is not just to quibble over Oxford commas and dangling participles; this is where contrived plots, flimsy characters or clichéd couplets are winkled out and cast ruthlessly into Morecambe Bay.

We also perform. We're available, as a troupe or as individuals, for literary festivals and spoken-word evenings. Between us, we offer a breadth of styles from dense horror fiction to poetic song and lyrical poetry.

Browse through videos of us doing our thing or click names for individual sites.

Rachel is a mum of 4 children, 2 cats and 1 whippet writing in rural (ish) Lancashire. Her poetry is intimate, honest, sometimes political, often lyrical but rarely flowery. She is widely published both on the web and in paper, most recently in Best of Manchester Poets Volume 2 and has won slams and the Liverpool Lennon Competition 2010. She is yet to publish a collection, but interested parties should beat a path to her Write Out Loud profile (click on her name) and make her an offer she can't refuse.

Mollie's a story-smith and songwriter who dazzles audiences with her warm yet incisive peerings into the human condition. She performs flash fiction and edits Back&Beyond, Lancaster's new arts publication. She publishes 'Wordsparks' - free creative writing exercises on her site She's currently editing her first novel 'Finding Funny,' set in 1950s Morecambe, in the grand old days of the Variety Shows.

Jim's poetry has been published in an online anthology "An Elastic Sky" by Flax Books and he has also won The Mountaineering Council of Scotland's poetry prize.

Norman's a stanza-wrangler with five poetry collections under his belt. Fortunately, it's a long belt. Also tucked in there are a couple of novels (one for children) and several dozen short stories.

Angela is an artist who also has an MA in Creative Writing, with distinction. She writes poems and short stories and is having poems published by Indigo Press.

Expect tentacles...

Vicky's a prize-winning performance poet, storyteller, singer-songwriter, editor and all round bundle of creativity based in Blackpool, Lancashire. She is currently working in the community offering workshops and promoting poetry performance. Her first full length storytelling project will be hitting the festivals Summer 2012.